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Terms and Conditions of Stay

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  • Due to insurance and security reasons, all booked guests have to be verified, recorded, and approved before being allowed access to the Guest House.

  • Maximum number of Guests booked to stay is 12 for Guest House

  • Maximum number of Guests booked to stay is 4 for Guest Cottage

  • Maximum number of guests allowed outdoors on the entire property is 20

  • All our Functions are Strictly Low Noise. Our Licence does not permit us to hold Parties/Functions with Loud Noise, Loud Music, or Loudspeakers.

  • We do not tolerate racist, sexist, abusive and discriminatory language, or violent behaviour. We reserve the right to terminate a booking without a refund on receipt of a complaint.  Please report to the Guest House Management if you have any issues with the behaviour of fellow guests.

  • Sexual Harassment in all its forms to anyone within the confines of Ashley’s Guest House is a serious offence and will not be tolerated, appropriate action will be taken accordingly.

  • Strictly no smoking indoors, smoking is allowed outdoors in a designated area only

  • Please do not eat or drink in bedrooms

  • Please put all your litter in bins provided in bedrooms and outdoors.

  • Please keep noise levels to the barest minimum, respecting other guests and our neighbours.

  • Please utilize the premises and its facilities with utmost care

  • Guests pay 10% refundable deposit to cover broken items, missing items, soiled linen

  • Deposit will be refunded if rooms and linen are kept clean, and not soiled, Less $30 cleaning fee for the guest House and $20 for the Guest Cottage.

  • Guests will pay for any damages caused by them includinglost keys

  • Guests are requested to make sure all taps are turned off after bathing or washing hands


  • Our property has a 24-hour alarm and reaction panic button system connected to Safeguard Security Company. Armed security details will scale the walls and enter the premises if the alarm is activated

  • We have a trained guard dog that is kept locked during the day and released to guard the property during bedtime


  • While every care and effort is made to secure property, life and limb, Ashley’s Guest House accepts no responsibility for and will not be obliged to compensate any person in respect of any loss or damage to property including motor vehicles or injury to any person through whatever cause arising or sustained while being a guest at Ashley’s Guest House. Guests should take Traveller’s Insurance to cover any loss to their belongings or injury to themselves.